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Write an essay on 'Humans with integrity make a nation strong'.

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You have to share your views on the importance of integrity in making a nation strong.

You may consider following points for the writing:
- Integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
- It may seem like a basic thing, but ironically a lot of people lack it.
- Having moral principles is more important than show off, which a lot of people are engaged in.
- These principles show us the right way, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.
- When we know what is wrong and choose not to do it, they move towards development, ours as well as the nations'.
- You can also tell, how today's youth are getting side tracked and focusing more on external factors like popularity.
- Popularity shouldn't be sought, it is something people give you.
- When you stick to principles, you tend to learn more. Even if you make mistakes, you learn from them and change.
- A country needs such people - people who are ready to change.
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