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Write a definitive essay on the topic "What is Fashion for Modern Teenagers?"

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What Is Fashion For Modern Teenagers?

Teenagers are youths who fall within the age group of between thirteen and nineteen years. This is the adolescent stage of a growing adult. Adolescence comes with its share of hurdles and joys. This is because many teenagers tend to become rebellious with respect to authority and often do the opposite of what is expected of them. This new attitude is not usually their fault, but due to the hormonal changes going on in their growing bodies. They, thus, look for ways to express that they are not children any more, and can do whatever they please as growing adults. One of the ways in which teenagers express themselves is through fashion. Fashion can be defined as the general form of dressing up (Magie 3). It is all about the physical presentation of a person. Fashion changes with time. For instance, a dressing style that was deemed fashionable ten years ago can be considered outdated today. People, and especially teenagers, use fashion to communicate. A good example of this is that it is accepted in fashion to wear a black outfit to a funeral ceremony. This shows that one is in mourning. There are people who care little about what they wear, while others give it great importance and are keen to keep in touch with the latest fashion trends.
Fashion is dictated by several elements. Celebrities such as musicians, cultural icons and actors, greatly influence the fashion world (Magie 37). This happens because celebrities are almost a brand by themselves. They, therefore, tend to create a trademark fashion look that they can always be identified with. More so, the fastest way for fashion designers to release and get exposure for a new design is by allowing a celebrity to wear it (Tungate 6). If people like how the celebrity looks, they will definitely adopt it.
To a teenager, fashion is a form of identity (Magie 220). This means that they use fashion to show themselves as belonging to a certain group. A good example to illustrate this is the Gothic style of dressing. With respect to identity, a teenager may use fashion to communicate their personalities (Tungate 2). A shy and reserved teenager will often go for simple outfits with muted colors. A more outgoing personality is not afraid of trying out fads that have not been worn by anyone else. They are even not afraid to wear bright colors, or even, a combination of colors. Notably, a teenager may want to identify themselves with a celebrity by the use of fashion.
A teenager may use fashion to attract someone from the opposite sex (Magie 223). It is common knowledge that teenagers like to feel wanted, and fashion is one way to get them the attention they much desire. Teenagers also have a tendency to give in to pressure to wear the latest fashion styles. Peer pressure is one of the main issues that teenagers have (Magie 224). If one does not adhere to the latest fashion styles, then their friends tend to tease them and even push them out of their social circles.
Conclusively, fashion is a very important factor as far as teenagers are concerned. They will do all they can to make sure that they spot the latest fashion styles. At times, pressure from friends may compel teenagers to do whatever it takes to acquire fashionable items for themselves. Therefore, fashion has its benefits and negative consequences for teenagers.
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