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Essay on my favourite personality in 250 words

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My favorite Darshan Raval
Many comes and many goes. But that one thing which will last forever for me is Darshan Raval. The real singing legend I've ever seen. A boy from a small town at the age of 19 years with such a strong determination have now rocked every singing platform.
Darshan Raval is not just a singer, he is a living example of how a person should achieve their dream. Inspite of the fact that the free music is not supported very much, this human tried his luck in this field only.
A singer, music composer, songwriter and performer. 18th October, 1994 - a day when our country got the most talented person. Darshan Raval is popularly known for his Bollywood songs and independent music.
His first show was India's Raw Star, though he couldn't win the show but he won many hearts and is still winning. He has been marked as the Most Desirable Man of 2017.
Some of his famous songs are : baarish, sanam teri kasam, baarish lete aana etc etc. He had a collection of many blockbusters. Hope this sensational singer continues rocking Bollywood.
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