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Write an essay in about 250 words on the following.

The aftermath of atomisation on Hiroshima.

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Seven Boeing Super Fortresses were detailed for the operation of atomization on Hiroshima. Colonel Paul W.Tibbets piloted the aircraft carrying the atom. The bomb was fused, set to explode not on contact but after dropping the height of 29,000 feet. It was to burst just 2,000 feet above Hiroshima.
For just about 42 seconds after the bomb-doors were opened, nothing happened. But in the final second of its descent, it travelled, screaming unheard, something like a quarter of a mile. Then the sun went out and it seemed for an instant extinguished. There was no sound. But a mist was formed of infinitesimal particles of brick and stone, of earth and vegetation and human tissue.
Four and seven-tenths square miles of Hiroshima were devastated. Eight percent of the city's buildings were damaged or destroyed. In a settlement of, at that time, a quarter of a million inhabitants (for evacuation had reduced the population by nearly 135,000) three fifths were casualities, major or minor.
Ten thousand causalities went to a single hospital. The victims had not eaten all day, when food was brought to them, the stench of not only the wards but the whole area surrounding the hospital was so nauseating that they could not swallow. Apart from the magnitude of the onslaught, its quality was unutterable.
The atomization of Hiroshima was monstrous enough, inflicting on 160,000 men and women and children, indiscriminately death, mutilation, irreparable loss, though not fully charted, even by scientists.
Some victims were permanently sterilized, the pregnant women aborted and did not conceive again. Other are reduced by wasting diseases. Surface wounds reopened. Hair suddenly started falling and a minor burn took months to heal. Fever went up to 106oF106oF, followed by bleeding gums, a drop in the red blood-count. Nature striving to re-establish her equilibrium, bred leukocytes by the billion, until the white blood count rose as far as above normal as it had dropped below and that brought death and new disease in its train. The aftermath of the disease was due to radiation. The physicians described the symptoms as akin to those due to over-exposure to X-rays.
Over Hiroshima, an atom-bomb based on uranium. Only a few days later, over Nagasaki, an atom-bomb based on plutonium; one of even greater power.
Though, the scientists are trying the harness atomic-energy, as was at first so happily dreamed for the benefit of mankind, a measure of guilt still remains for the action of 6 August, 1945 which is unforgivable.
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