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Write a composition on Eyes.

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The eyes shout what the lips fear to say,” said William Henry. This is for the eyes betray innermost emotions like fear, apprehension, joy or sorrow, without having to express it in words. Moreover being the language of the heart, they do not lie and hence play an important role during personal interviews and interpersonal relationship. Besides this eyes are the window through which we view the word around us. Other primary sense, like touch, taste- and smell, are directly or indirectly dependent on sight. This is for the eyes in association with the brain, decipher the colour thereby evaluating the temperature of an object, even before it is touched. Similarly, it evaluates edibles, based on their colour, shape and size, even before the taste buds come into play. Thus it augments the other senses, making life pleasant and enjoyable.

Besides enhancing the other senses, it enables us to enjoy the beauty of nature so abundantly available all around us. It does this by storing visual images of the object in the form of memory tags in the brain. This enables us to recognize objects and is therefore essential for learning, which makes us recognise and distinguish other creatures in the universe.

The eye works like a camera, each part playing an important role in providing clear vision. The cornea behaves like a lens cover and is the main focusing element of the eye. The cornea takes widely diverging rays of light and bends them through the pupil, the dark, round opening in the centre of the coloured iris. The iris and the pupil are like the aperture of a camera behind which is the lens. The lens behaves like the lens of a camera. It focuses light to the back of the eye. The back of the eye is lined with a layer called the retina, which acts very much like the photographic film of a camera. It has photoreceptor nerve cells that line the inside back wall of the eye. The photoreceptor nerve cells of the retina, change the light rays into electrical impulses and send them through the optic nerve to the brain, where an image is formed. The centre of the retina is called the macula. This is responsible for sharp vision for reading. The peripheral retina is responsible for peripheral of vision.

Indeed eyes are the best gift of God. We are not aware of its importance, as long as our vision is perfect. Out of the five senses like sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, the loss of sight is the worst one can ever suffer. It is because of this Helen Keller said, “Of all the senses sight must be the most delightful.”
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