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You are Shreya, the Head Girl of Beacon Public School, Nagpur. Draft a notice informing students about an online 'Nature Essay Writing Competition' with suitable date, time and two topic. Also share Zoom id and password to the students.

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Beacon Public School, Nagpur



Nature Essay Writing Competition

An online Nature Essay Writing Competition is being organized by Beacon Public School, Nagpur on 10th December, 2020. Those of you who are interested in participating may give your names to your respective class teachers. There will be 2 topics namely 'Significance of Nature in our daily life', and 'Conservation of Nature.' Those participating will have to log in to the Zoom ID and the competition will begin at 2pm sharp. The Zoom Id is 9876543 and the password is BeaconNagpur. All the best!


Head Girl of Beacon Public School
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