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Essay on my favourite animal rabbit

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A rabbit is one such animal that everyone just adores. It is loved for its cute look and adorable activities. Though it is a bit difficult to take care of these gentle creatures, I decided to pet them just because I found them extremely cute.
I researched on the internet and also consulted the pet shop owner and came to know that rabbits are happier and live long if they have company. So I decided to get home two cute little rabbits instead of going for just one. Both my rabbits are pure white in colour. I have named them Bunny and Betty. They are my lifelines. While my mother was
against petting an animal especially rabbits, she soon grew fond of them. She helps me take good care of both of them.
Cleanliness and Grooming
Both Bunny and Betty have white fur. The fur often attracts dust, dirt and germs. We help them get rid of it by brushing them gently every 3-4 days. We have a special wide-toothed comb for the same. We have kept separate combs for both the rabbits. Bunny and Betty love the combing sessions. They sit in my mother’s lap and enjoy this activity. My mother washes the combs thoroughly and dries them after every combing session.
We make sure to get their hair trimmed to an inch. It is easier to maintain their fur when it is trimmed. Long fur attracts more germs and is also difficult to brush. My mother also trims their nails every once in a while to ensure hygiene.
Eating Habits and Behaviour
My pet rabbits love eating carrots, grass, basil and various green leafy vegetables. We mainly feed them with leafy greens and give them carrots occasionally as the later contain high sugar content. We bring fresh leafy vegetables and grass for our bunnies every day and make sure they are well fed.
Just like small kids, Bunny and Betty love being pampered. They like sitting in my lap and just love it when I pat them or gently rub their head. They show their affection by licking me. They also love running around the house with me.
When I return home from school or tuition class, they joyfully run around my feet to show their love.
Both Bunny and Betty are quite warm, friendly and sociable. They are not only affectionate towards us but also welcome all our guests with warmth. Small kids in our neighbourhood often come to play with Bunny and Betty. They love playing with the kids.
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