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Write a composition (350 - 400 words)
Narrate an incident from your own experience when you expected to do very well, but for some reason were unable to do so. Explain what happened and why it happened. What lesson did you learn from it?

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Each one of us has some or the other qualities in ourselves which differentiate us from other people. The vital need is to search it out of our soul and when we have sought it, excelled in it, and the need of the hour then is to be humble and not be over-confident. When we excel in a particular field, all have high expectations from us to perform well. There the humbleness and sincerity of our mind comes into play.
       I too possess a talent and this is how I became aware of it. One day, I went to play badminton and I was astonished to find that the traditional and basic shots came naturally to me. I thought that this was an extraordinary trait gifted to me. I started to pursue my career as a badminton player. I worked hard for two years until I became the champion at the district level. I had stepped into the professional panel of this game. I thought that I was the best in the district and this thought convinced me to decrease the length of my practice sessions and my mind was on the seventh heaven. I stopped paying attention to senior players or the coach's advice.
      Days passed, it was time now for the state level tournament. After winning districts, I had lost my humble attitude and was full of over-confidence. I thought that I would conquer the state level forgetting that there were many other district level players like me. To my utter surprise, I was knocked out in the first round by a player whom I had defeated at the district level. It was an extremely shocking and traumatic moment for me.
I had let down my parents and my coach and I felt ashamed to show my face to them. My coach came searching for me and I feared that he would lash out at me for losing such an important match, but rather he was calm and affectionate. In a matter of five minutes, he taught me the greatest lesson of my life- hard work and humbleness.
      He explained he had been noticing my change of attitude which was the cause of my downfall. He also pointed to my over-confident behaviour and advised that one should always be rooted to the earth, no matter whatever height of success one reaches. Moreover one should always be humble and respectful at all times even to our opponents. From then on, I vowed to follow my guide's advice all my life.
      My coach wanted to teach this lesson in a practical way, therefore didn't point my shortcomings earlier. Though I suffered a big defeat, but it is never too late to pick up the shreds and weave a bed of roses for yourself.
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