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You had been waiting outside the examination hall. Describe what you saw and the sounds you heard when you arrived at the place. What were your feelings? Describe how the scene changed once you entered the hall and the examination started.

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During the examinations, most of us become very serious about our studies. It's the most crucial part of the academic year. Also, one comes to realize the various natures of one's classmates and friends. Those who don't speak to you, or are not friends with you, suddenly become so sweet and friendly right before the exam, so that they can get your notes. Some friends break contact with you during the exams, so they can concentrate only on studying and learning.
This year, too, was the same. Right before entering the examination hall, the scene was completely different outside. At this very moment, there is complete silence, but a few minutes back, there was complete chaos.
I reached the hall half an hour before the scheduled time. There were a few groups formed in the corridor. Some of them consisted of students who were prepared and were discussing the points with the others. Some groups were filled with people who had not prepared for this exam, and were seen doing some very nervous, last minute preparation. One looked so very nervous and tensed, like it was a matter of life and death for him. He had not studied at all the day before. He seemed pretty confident on the previous day, saying that the paper is not very difficult. "Language is at the back of my hand." Today, he came to know that there was a very important topic that we all had to study, since it was a new addition to the syllabus this year.
I noticed that a few popular students approached a studious, shy boy, whom they had been picking on the entire year, so that he would explain to them the rules of conjunctions. He quickly retaliated, "You don't treat me properly the entire year and now you need my help?" They all walked away in frustration, and the boy was proud of what he did.
There were the others, scattered everywhere. They were either very well prepared, or they did not care about scoring good marks and were happy with the minimum score required for passing.
As I stood in a secluded area, with few of my friends, I realized that I, too, was feeling a bit anxious about the exam. No matter how much one studies, there is always mixed feelings of excitement, for having studied well, as well as anticipation for what kind of questions might be asked. Various doubts arose in my mind, "What if I have left out an important topic that will be asked in the paper?", "What if I forget everything that I have studied?", and the silliest of all, "What if my pen stops working in the middle of the exam".
Exams are truly a test for the patience of students as well as their families.

As I opened my book for one quick revision, I heard the bell ring. The ringing of the bell that indicates that we should now enter the examination hall, is one of the most alarming noises that a student hears. It sounds like a death bell, ringing incessantly before we all surrender ourselves.
The moment the bell rang, we all scurried into the hall, knowing that this was it, nothing more can be done. No new information can be studied now, and we can only hope for the best. Very soon, the chaos-filled room turned completely silent, but the chaos in our minds still remained.
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