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Write an essay on recombinant DNA technology.

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DNA recombinant technology is a technique where the selected DNA of one organism is introduced to combine with the DNA of another organism acquires the genetic abilities of the donor.
The basic steps involved in the process of DNA technology are as follows.
(i) The genomic DNA is isolated from a donor.
(ii) Using restriction enzymes such as endonucleases the DNA is fragmented. Endonuclease enzymes are known as molecular scissors as they produce nick in the DNA fragment at the desired place.
(iii) The fragments were taken out are then screened for the desired gene.
(iv) Fragments of DNA with the desired gene are inserted into a cloning vector. Cloning vector can be a plasmid, cosmid or even a phage DNA. This insertion makes recombinant DNA or DNA (also known as chimeric DNA).
(v) The recombinant vector is introduced into a competent host cell.
(vi) These cells are later cultured to obtain multiple copies or clones of the desired fragment of DNA.
(vii) These copies are used to transform suitable host cells which express the desired gene.
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