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Write a composition (in approximately 450−500 words) on the following subject:
It is right for a person to interfere in the affairs of another. Write for or against this statement.

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It is unethical to interfere in other people's affairs. This is due to the basic fundamental right of privacy accorded to every citizen. Human beings live in communities. We form social groups with our friends and people of similar interests. But there is always a line that we need to maintain. We have no right to interfere in other people's lives. Every individual has his own privacy. It is very important to maintain privacy and also respect the privacy of one another. Curiosity about what might be going on in other people's lives tends to get the better of us many times. Human beings are very curious, it is a natural fact. Some people can be very nosy and it's a need for them to find out what is happening in other's lives. To develop a habit of it and try to find out as much as you can about other people is wrong.
Also, there are people who tend to give unnecessary and unwanted advice to others. Most people do not appreciate such kind of interference. Even if they may keep the respect of the person and not openly tell them to stop meddling. Also it can badly affect a situation if one gives wrong advice and people follow it just to keep that person's respect.
One must realize if he or she is interfering too much in other's affairs. People must value each other's privacy. If advice is asked, be sure to give the best advice that one possibly can give but otherwise interfering in other's lives is not a good habit. Interference can cause problems for others and also for the person who interferes can lose respect. So, it is not right to interfere in other's affairs.
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