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Describe in detail the view from your bedroom window. Does your room overlook a park? A busy street? What are the sights, sounds, and smells that you would typically see, hear, and experience at different times of the day? When do you most enjoy the view? Early in the morning, in the evening or late at night?

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Every morning, I am awakened from my sleep by a bright ray of sunlight that falls on me through my bedroom window, to remind me that another day has begun. As I do my morning exercises, I usually gaze out of my window to see what is happening outside. The heavy traffic, would as usual, be ceaselessly flowing up and down the massive expressway. Vehicles of all shapes, sizes and colors bustle by, creating quite a din. Occasionally, the traffic police would be busy tearing after speeding vehicles.

Beyond the highway, I have a good view of the busiest port in the world. The past few years have seen a noticeable change in the size of this port. Container ships belonging to various countries anchor at the wharves to load and unload their heavy cargo. The huge cranes, forklifts and other equipment scattered all over the port are used to do the heavy tasks of loading and unloading. Containers of an assortment of colors can be seen piled on top of one another all over the yard.

The calm sea by the shipyard is usually crowded with speed-boats and bum-boats ferrying port, officials and passengers from the ships to the landing area and vice versa.

The little islands around Singapore covered with rich tropical vegetation are also visible from my bedroom. Fantasies of building a beautiful house and living on the one of these exotic islands often come to my mind. If only they could become a reality! When the weather is clear, the outline of the nearby Indonesian islands can also be easily traced near the horizon.

The sea has always fascinated me. My yearning to travel grows as I look out of my window every morning. I would not ever want to exchange the view from my bedroom window with any other that anyone can offer me, as the joy and peace it has brought me is immeasurable.
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