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Write an essay by developing the following hints:

Children in garden __ giant's friend __ seven years __ big wall __ notice board __ Nature's fury __ winter throughout the year __ wonderful sight __ little boy __ giant's help __ spring __ giant's information__ to the children __ longing to see the small boy __ giant's sickness __ little boy's arrival __ giant dead.

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Two Friends :
It was during Second World War, famine hit Paris and the city was under siege. There were two friends. Monsieurs Morissot and Sauvage, who had a common interest in fishing. Every Sunday, they spent half the day side by side in fishing. But, the Prussians invaded France and cruelly killed many French people and so the fishing area was deserted.
The two friends met after a long time and drank absinthe. Sauvage suggested to go back to River Seine and fish there. Morrisot agreed to it. They got the password to pass through the barricade from Colonel Dumoulin. They entered the fishing area and got a good catch. They had a happy time until they were caught by their Prussian Office asked for the password to free them.
The two friends were determined not to betray and they were individually tried in vain. The officers got angry and they shot them dead and threw their dead bodies into the river. The patriotism of the two friends is noteworthy.
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