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You had booked a ticket on an early morning train. However, you woke up late and missed it. You then decided to run to catch a bus to the next station where you hoped to catch up with the train. Narrate the entire event, how you felt, the effort you made and how you finally caught the train. What did you learn from this stressful experience?

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Some people think that missing the train is a sacrilegious act. Others derive pleasure from it. Perhaps, then, human beings can be divided into two kinds: those who frequently miss trains and are not ashamed of it, and those who can never miss a train even if they try their best.
My exams had finished on 21st December and 22nd December was my real sister's wedding from Jaipur. All my family members along with my sister had left on 20th Dec. and I was to reach Jaipur on 22nd Dec. by the morning Intercity from Agra to Jaipur. It was my hard luck that I woke up 15 minutes late which resulted in my reaching the station late and thereby right in front of me I saw the tail end of the last wagon leaving the platform. My heart was in my mouth out of fear and nervousness.
I was all by myself with my luggage and was numb with shock. In the evening was my sister's wedding and I was still in Agra and the only safe way of reaching Jaipur had just left the station. I cursed myself for not being able to get up on time and if I had got up late for not hurrying up with the other morning routinal activities. Tears rolled down my cheeks. An old man seeing me in distress came to comfort me. On knowing of my plight consoled me and advised me to rush to take a taxi and reach to the next station Bharatpur and Catch the intercity. Luckily I was carrying some extra money hence the extra fare would not be a problem. Now the time was to act and run a race against time and train. I put aside my nervousness and fear literally, ran out of the station, jumped into a auto asked the driver to push hard on the accelerator to reach me to the Idgah bus station. Luckily I got a deluxe bus leaving the bus depot for Dausa a small place falling midway to Jaipur.
Prayers were flying high up in the air one after the other to Almighty God that I reach safely and speedily and am able to catch the train otherwise load of more trouble would befall me. I requested the bus driver and later the auto rickshaw driver to drive fast to follow the shortcuts to reach to the destination. My head was covered with beads of perspiration due to my tensed state.
On reaching the Bharatpur railway station, I was much relaxed to see the train moving into the platform. I quickly boarded it and was able to reach Jaipur on time. My cousin brother had come to receive me at the station. I had learnt a valuable lesson that day i.e. the importance of being punctual and never to sleep very late at night especially when I have to catch a early moving train or bus.
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