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Happiest day of my life essay 250 words for class 5

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1 Nov 2018

Today was a day filled with emotions. I was chosen for giving a speech on the merits of democracy. The speech was divided into three sections, the introduction, explanatory and the conclusion part. I was the part of the conclusion part.

The speech was held as a part of the children's day activity. Many parents and guests were present. All the speakers gave their best to win the first place. I wanted to win too. I was so scared. Stage fear stuck me. I was nervous. But when I spoke to my friend, he encouraged me. The advice  gave me confidence and strength.

I was really interested for this speech and I wanted to make justice to my role. I prepared well and practiced many times before I delivered it on the stage.  I was praised and received a lot of appreciation. I really put a great performance on the stage. I felt happy for that. I received a special praise from the principal.

My parents were so proud of me. It was the end of the event and prizes were distributed. Everyone including my brother was waiting for the speech competition result. I won the second place. Even though I did not win the first place, the amount of appreciation that I got made me overwhelmed. The trust which my parents and teachers had on me was beyond all odds.

That day surely was the best day of my life.

Children's day this year!
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