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Write an essay on "One step towards green and clean energy" in around 600 to 700 words.

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Green energy means renewable energy that is an alternative for the fossil fuels.

Biomass energy is derived from the waste and animal dung. Ocean energy is derived from sea.

Hydrogen must go through a reformation process to be able to use for the fuel cells to provide electricity.

Green energy means sustainable energy which means meeting the needs of the presents without compromising the future. These alternatives are said to not harm humans and the environment.

Sources of green energy come from nature itself being free to be harvested.

Nuclear power can also be termed as green energy as it does not produce greenhouse gases.

Research from scientific evidence has shown what present generation is doing will impact the environment in the next 50-100 years.

Non renewable fossil fuels burning are causing greenhouse gases that cause global warming. They cause acid rain.

Acid rain damages crops, plants and forests. Aquatic animals are also affected by this.
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