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Write an essay on 'Addiction keeps in poverty'.

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Addiction, be it to anything, is not a good thing because it makes us do something without our conscious consent. It makes us do something, instead of letting us have the charge to do something that we want to do. Addiction is like a thing that seems very good to us, but after that comes negativity and bad aftereffects.

Our body should be in control of our mind and not the other way. Like the way we don't like being controlled by some other person, we should know that we should also not be controlled by some thing. Not only addiction deteriorates us physically but also it deteriorates us mentally. Apart from that, it deteriorates us economically. It is one of the major reasons that can lead to poverty. Our resources are endlessly getting drained continuously. Games are addictive, but those are made so by the developers to earn money. We need to understand this and act accordingly.

Mobile phones are pretty addictive as they are very handy and easily accessible. They have a lot of features that interest students more than their studies. So, when students are exposed to them, they lose interest in studies and run behind them. Because of that, they don't study and ultimately it affects their grades. Though mobile phones can be used for something productive, people usually spend time in forwarding random and senseless messages or at times just checking the posts on social platforms. There needs to be a proper guidance by parents to direct students on what they should be doing on the phone. However, most parents are occupied, so they don't pay attention to what students are doing on their phones. Thus, children get addicted to mobile phones.

TV is one source of entertainment and knowledge. Though people mostly use it for entertainment. TV shows are also a drain on time. And they never end. The shows keep on coming, one after the other, without a break. So, once children or people start watching one TV show, they keep on watching it continuously for hours. They develop a perception that binge-watching is cool.

Apart from these virtual things, there are addictive things in the real world. It is usually people who don't mean good to us, that make us smoke cigarettes. And once we become addicted to it, the brain makes us do it on and on. It definitely deteriorates our body and life. Tobacco and cigarette addiction not only harms the person, but also the environment. This addiction makes one momentarily high but makes your wallet low in money. Later this can lead to serious health problems like cancer. And it costs a lot and can disturb the family's well-being.

Indeed addiction is highly responsible to drain not only our money but also our intelligence, thus leaving us poor.

People who are addicted shouldnt be treated as outcasts by others. Thats a message we learn from Marvels Jessica Jones. We need to understand them and let them know that they are loved too; that they dont need some thing to make themselves feel good; they need people, of which they themselves first, who loves them and they need to know that they have such people around them.
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