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You have recently visited a tourist destination. Write a description of it for a travel magazine in about 300 words using the points given below:
Name of the place - location - means of traveling to the destination - climate - best season to visit - picturesque landscape - lodging and food - recreational facilities - places of interest in the area - local language/dress - handicrafts/products - overall experience

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Rajasthan is a land where colours, the desert, forts, camels, traditional food and folk music conspire to make a traveller its own. The only factor that might be holding people back from visiting it is the hot climate which is not a problem in January and other winter months. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, has been a hub of tourism for the last so many years; and why not? Very few cities in Indian can match the Pink City for its sheer opulence and rich heritage. Located about 1515 kilometres from the Sanganer Airport, 88 kilometres from the Railway Station and a bus terminus within the city, its easy accessibility is the main factor in making it a much-favoured tourism centre. As any North Indian city, Jaipur sports extreme climate, the temperature goes up to 4545 degrees in peak summer and below 1010 degrees in winters. The best season to visit the place is October - November when the weather is comfortably pleasant.
Encircled by the rugged Aravali Hills, the city offers many a scope for picturesque viewing. The beautiful 'Jal Mahal', the summer palace of erstwhile Maharajas, placed in the centre of a fabulous lake, shimmering in the morning sunlight, offers a fairyland experience.
As you go further into the city, you are greeted with the world famous Hawa Mahal. Its rose pink colour, latticework windows and mandna work make it a unique work of architecture. At the heart of the city, there is a sprawling garden called Ram Nivas Bagh. Albert Museum shines like a jewel right in the centre of the garden. Jaipur zoo and Aviary are situated in the garden itself, offering a delightful time for the children as well as adults.
The city is dotted with many tourist attractions. City Palace is the one to begin with, where the rich heritage of Rajasthan is displayed in all its glory. The royal apparels, the finest carpets, the ornaments, marble figurines and statues, the brightly lit royal chambers, thrones and well-planned garden, all give you a glimpse of the regal background of the city. Amber Palace, the old capital city is a sprawling structure made in sandstone, decorated with marbles and gems. The Sheesh Mahal in the palace in an enchanting sight.
Jaipur is famous for its Bandhej and Laharia work, block printing, precious stones, Meenakari work. The bright shops overflowing with such items including puppets and Blue Pottery prove irresistible to tourists.
While big, Seven and Five Star hotels like Rajvilas, Ramb Bagh Palaces, Sheraton and other ITC hotels for the elite, Rajasthan Tourism hotels offer comfort in a fair price.
People speak Hindi in general, though, Marwari is the local dialect. The bright turbans worn by the gents and ethnic lehengas sparkling with "gota" work worn by the women reflect the mood of the local people who are approachable, generous and friendly.
Daal Baati Churma, gaate ki sabji, red and white meat preparation give a taste of typical Rajasthani food.
All in all, if you are planning for a trip that can give you tradition and modernity on a platter, there is no better place than Jaipur.
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