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Write a paragraph of the following in about 100 words.
(A) Books : Our best friends.
[Clues : choice of books enrich the knowledge quicken the imagination friends to the lonely companions to the deserted Joy of the joyless give happiness and pleasure make us better, wiser and happier]
(B) My favourite festival.
[Clues : your festival in which month you celebrate for how many days it lasts preparations  buy new clothes make sweets How do you celebrate? Why do you like it? enjoyment.]

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(A) Books: Our best friends
Our choice of books reflects our personality and our intellect. Books tell us about new things and enrich our knowledge. They open the doors to a beautiful world and quicken our imagination. They give us company and drive away our boredom. They are friends to the ones who are lonely. They also act as companions to the deserted. They brighten our lives by giving joy to the ones who are joyless and give happiness and pleasure. Books are our true friends because they make us better, wiser and happier.

(B) My Favourite Festival
The festival that I like the most is Diwali. We celebrate it either in October or in November. In Gujarat, it is celebrated for five days. Every house is decorated with rangoli and oil lamps. We start preparing for Diwali a few weeks in advance by cleaning our houses. Sweets and savouries are made and new clothes are bought for everyone. We celebrate it with a lot of pomp and festivity. I love Diwali because we enjoy bursting crackers, visiting our relatives and having lots of fun with our near and dear ones.
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