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Write a paragraph of about 75 words using the visual aid provided.

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My Village

My village is one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It is situated on a mountain top in the Himalayas. It is a paradise of beauty, purity, and peace. . Here pure, pristine nature reigns supreme. There are green undulating pastures and meadows of green grass and crops; woods, arbors, orchards, vineyards stretch for miles all around. Flora and fauna thrive abundantly; flowers in millions bloom along the edges of lakes and when a soft breeze blows it appears as if they are dancing. The sky is pure azure in which white silky-floss-like clouds hover here and there. The food grown here is totally pure, organic, and delicious. The people living here are innocent and devoid of greed, deceit, and selfishness. I just love my village.
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