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Write a paragraph in about 60 words with help of the outline given below on the following topic:
A Birthday Party
Day - date and place - number of friends - programmes - entertainment - gifts

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Mummy and I organized a birthday party at my house. I invited all my friends and neighbors’ children on the big bash. My elder brother decided some games like playing the parcel and consequences which we played during the party. It was real fun as our dress code was that of a joker. Everybody was looking very funny and cute. Mummy made delicious eatables for my friends. My birthday cake was in the shape of a chess board and looked very tempting. After the snacks, Papa gave return gifts to everybody and poked the bal­loons filled with toffees so that there were showers of chocolates & lollipops. We clicked a lot of photographs also. It was really a wonderful party. One that I will never forget in my whole life.
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