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Paragraph -'man and trees' (within 120 words)

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Man and Trees

Both man and trees are the two most essential parts of the big whole called life. God created trees as man’s life support system. Without trees, man’s life would be a dreary wasteland devoid of the promise and hope of life. Omniscient God knew man’s many survival needs, hence He created a living god called tree to help man live healthily, joyously, and rapturously. Trees are the source of life. They are the giving angels. They give man oxygen, rain, wood, fruit, and make the world look so beautiful. Man’s life is impossible without trees. However, since the beginning of humankind on the planet earth, man has been abusing and molesting trees. He has been recklessly felling and burning them. With trees life is heaven; without them it is hell. Man must understand the indispensability of trees soon or he will cease to exist.
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