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Write a paragraph on "Information technology".

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Today’s world is the world of information and telecommunication. Everyday new technology and inventions are being made in the area of information, processing, and travelling. There is hardly any area which had not been affected by this. Due to all this, the word distance sounds ironic in the present-day context.
The whole world has become a small place today. Any information can be exchanged by people in few seconds and that, too, in a proper and effective way without any loss of data while it is being processed. On the one hand, all these different ways of telecommunication and information exchange have highlighted the necessity for multipurpose development and growth of information technology and on the other, the easy access and use of it has boosted the network of information exchange. All this has been possible through information technology like telephone, fax, telex, computers, internet, e-mail, photocopier, printer, scanner, cellular phones, pagers, videophone, digital camera, multimedia, etc.
These technologies are becoming a part and parcel of our lives and are transforming the lifestyles and habits of people all over the world.
The use of computers has increased by leaps and bounds worldwide. Internet and multimedia have now become playthings for children. The internet has revolutionized every field of the world. The government has allowed private companies to provide internet services to people in order to boost up information technology.
The internet has put an unprecedented amount of buying and selling power in the hands of all those within a keystroke distance of a computer. Never in the history of commerce have solitary buyers and sellers been able to engage so effortlessly in commerce on all points whether one is a scrap dealer or a collector with an obsession for antiques, the internet is a solution. Digital technology is playing a vital role in our day to day life. In supermarkets, it helps for faster processing of films. In the field of agriculture, a digital moisture meter records the moisture in the soil and tells when harvesting should start. For people, who are suffering from hearing loss, digit technology is of great help. It processes sounds that reduce noise, improves the clarity of speech, and controls unwanted loudness.
The government of India is very keen to achieve a great deal in the field of information technology. The Indian Institutes of Information Technology are being set up at various places in the country. Now we can hope that India will become an information technology superpower in near future.
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