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Write a paragraph of about 60 words on the topic, 'The player/sportsperson I admire most'.

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My favorite sports person  is MS Dhoni . He is one of the most popular cricketer and one of the most successful cricket captain in the world. Born in Jharkhand he was passionate about sports and played shuttle badminton, football and cricket during his childhood. He was a big fan of wicket keeper batsman legendary Adam Gilcrist .Soon, he started impressing people around with his wicket keeping styles and aggressive batting and made it into junior and senior state team. His talent and consistency got him into a place in the national team under the leadership of Rahul, Dravid. M.S Dhoni soon became the permanent wicket keeper batsman for India. He won many matches for India and was an excellent finisher. He was selected to lead team India in 2007.
MS Dhoni is always a role model for all youngsters. He always demonstrated how to handle pressure situation and earned the name Captain Cool. H
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