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Write short paragraph on my school

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My School Is My Pride
My school is my pride. It is because at my school I learn so many things. I meet enlightened teachers who impart to me the light of knowledge and thus illumine my world. I also meet my friends in the form of our classmates who make my world colourful and vibrant with their friendship and cooperation.  
At school, I get the exposure to participate in various academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities which hone my personality. I get all-around training at school. My time just flies at school. The school years pass at a fast pace doing meaningful and skill development activities.  
My school has a reputation as one of the most premier educational institutes in the city. I feel proud of its various achievements.  
In conclusion, I can say that school indeed is my pride where I spend the maximum of my time in the company of parents-like teachers and siblings-like peers. I just love my school.
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