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Write a paragraph about late autumn season.

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Usually, autumn is followed by late autumn. 'Kartic' and 'Agrahayan' are the months of this season. Hemonto is called the season of dew as dewdrops begin to fall during this time hinting at the arrival of the winter, though it is not the winter yet. It is neither hot nor cold but one feels that winter is not far away.
Paddy ripens and is cut down in this season. Harvesting of crops begins soon. The golden paddy in the fields creates in the minds of the peasants many happy dreams. The farmers remain busy cutting paddy and get very busy with their harvests. In late autumn, the harvest comes home, filling the days and nights of the farmers with indelible joy and happiness and infusing in them dreams of a prosperous life. During this period the farmer fills the granaries with the newly harvested crops.
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