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Write a paragraph on your views regarding
"Indian industries need to be encouraged."

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Industries in India should be encouraged in our country rather than giving business to companies outside the country. The economy of our country will only develop if we encourage both small as well as large scale industries to flourish healthily.

Even though India lacks technical knowledge and finance to start business. The government can make necessary arrangements to help the start up industries to begin. Furthermore, people with good technical knowledge can give training to those who do not have much knowledge.

On the other hand leadership skills are not acquired overnight, they are developed with time. With time individuals will develop the skill of being a good leader to help the business to flourish.

Furthermore leadership skills are not born overnight, they are acquired with time. With time individuals will gain the necessary leadership qualities. They have to be given a chance.

There is a notion that Indians prefer imported goods to local goods. The reason being that many goods are not produced in the country due to the lack of demand. The lack of demand is due to lack of awareness of those goods and the benefits of those commodities. Proper advertisements will make people aware of these commodities and thereby increase demand. If these commodities are manufactured in our own country the cost will drop as we will not have to pay extra for overseas shipping charges.
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