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Write a paragraph in about 60 words with the help of the outline given below:
Annual Prize - Friday - chief guest - welcome song - report - cultural programme - prize distribution - shields - best in all - speech - National Anthem - cup of tea.

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The annual day of our school was held on 6th december.The director of education was the chief guest.He presided over the function and gave away the prizes.Preparation for the annual function were made a few days in advance.The school building was white-washed.The main hall was decorated.Those who were invited started coming for the function.The chief guest arrived.The principal read out the annual report.The chief guest gave away prizes to brilliant and sports students.He congratulated the principal and staff on progress made by the school.Students welcomed chief guest with welcome song and different dances.The principal thanked the chief guest and the function came to a close with the singing of national anthem.
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