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Write a paragraph on an empty mind is devils workshop.

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An empty mind is the devil’s workshop

The popular proverb "An idle mind is the devil’s workshop" teaches us that evil thoughts enter our mind easily when we are lazy and idle. When a man is overcome by idleness, all sorts of evil ideas come to his mind and it becomes the perfect place for the devil to do evil works.

The mind of a man cannot remain empty for long. By nature, the mind of a man must be occupied with curiosity, learning new things, and expression of fruitful ideas. Idleness in a person becomes the root of evil. When the mind is filled with good ideas, there is no room for evil. Keeping our brain idle becomes the root cause for all evils. Idleness leads to evil thoughts, gossiping, waste of time, and then too easy ways of earning like stealing or cheating. When a person is occupied with work, he does not have time to dwell on anything but his own work. Having productive hobbies and doing extracurricular activities help our minds stay away from evil thoughts and desires. When people talk about the problem of unemployment, they forget the role played by Idleness. There are so many opportunities to work and earn a livelihood. But lazy people will not try to get engaged in any avenue for employment. They become a liability, a burden, and a huge problem for society and the country.

Idleness basically makes anyone feel worthless. Not engaging in any activity tend to let a man’s mind to overthink meaningless things or not even think at all. In either case, it is harmful to the lazy person and to others around him. Idle people are more vulnerable to excessive eating, depression, and over-indulgence. It can also cause impatience, lethargy and short-temper.

The human mind should always be filled with noble thoughts and intellectual ideas that are productive and useful. Only a cultured mind can get rid of evil thoughts and deeds. We must not forget the effects of idleness and never let our minds become devil’s workshops.
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