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Write a paragraph of about 120−150 words on how we can make our surroundings green, pollution free and environment friendly.

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Green is Good:
There is a difference between living and existing. The choice lies with us so let us all resolve to live and live healthy, live well and live green!! To do this we need to look around us with a critical eye and decide to improve the conditions we live in. We can chart out the things we can do on regular basis-like on daily basis we should stop using polythene bags and switch to cloth or canvas bags. On weekly basis we should get the drains and the area surrounding our house cleaned, fumigated and plant at least 55 saplings in our locality. On monthly basis we can hold society of parks and parking lots, visit to and by the municipality authorities etc., one step at a time, one small initiative taken by each one of us will make our surroundings clean, pollution free and environment friendly.
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