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Read the following paragraph and comment on it:
"Earlier, cycles of cooling and warming happened over very long periods of time. This allowed most of the life on Earth the time to adapt to the changes. The problem now is that the heating is much more rapid and could lead to catastrophic changes. Much of the warming that has been occurring since the industrial revolution is because of human activities."

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i) When the energy from Sun falls on earth, the same amount of energy gets reflected back into space but few amounts of energy are trapped by the atmosphere.
ii) This keeps the earth warm and keeping us warm is the most important thing that the atmosphere does.
iii) This trapping of energy is called the Greenhouse effect. But since 19th century this cooling and warming process has been occurring rapidly.
iv) These rapid changes may lead to catastrophic events.
v) This increase in warming is mostly due to the rise in industries, the smoke and gases released from these industries are increasing the warming events.
vi) Hence this current global warming trend is also called as Anthropogenic (caused by Humans) global warming.
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