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Write a factual description in about 100 words on the topic 'Pleasures of Morning Walks'.

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Morning walk is a very good exercise. we can feel the freshness in the morning, the cool wind breeze, birds chirping and more. Walking morning will controles our blood pressure, lessens stress, and strainto work. Brisk walk is also good for our health. Morning walk makes us and our mind peaceful so we can do our work with full enthusiasm and self - confidence. Everyday walking will loose our weight and remain fit. By this walk if we do regularly we will not get any diseases and can be healthy for longer days. It gives a boost self control and upbeat mood. Besides making u cheerful. Science is also proving that morning walk is very good for our health and our body will be fresh and becoming healthy day by day. So there are many more reasons that morning walk is a very good exercise and to be fit.
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