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The story "Deep Water" has made you realize that with determination and perseverance one can accomplish the impossible. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on how a positive attitude and courage will aid you to achieve success in life.

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Will power plays a pivotal in the life of a human being. Determination and persistent hard work are the hallmarks of success. A person who has a passionate desire to do something achieves his goals within the stipulated time. There are numerous ways which lead to the desired goals. Will power of a human being gives him strength, energy, vigour and enthusiasm. It determines the fate of a human being. Absolute determination has the uncanny ability to face and overcome obstacles. No hindrance can defeat will power. It is invincible and insurmountable. A man who lacks enthusiasm will power and determination is like a ship which has no helm. It floats on the surface of water according to the wind. There is no problem in this world which has no solution. It has been proved by great personalities that all obstacles can be overcome by sheer determination. Man has the knack to achieve anything. Nothing is impossible in this world of science and technology. He must not be a fatalist. He should not believe in destiny but in karma. Man can accomplish every assignment if he desires. Strong desire is the prerequisite to success. There is no scope for disappointment in the life of a person who has an iron will and dogged determination. He puts in tremendous efforts to achieve greatness.
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