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Human life is dependent on nature (thats why we call her Mother Nature). We take everything from nature to live our lives. Do we give back anything to nature?
(i) Write down some examples of the natural resources that we use.
(ii) Write a paragraph expressing your point of view regarding our relationship with nature.

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(i) Some of the natural resources that we use are water, coal, mineral oil, etc. We use minerals like, iron, bauxite, to create the useful substances. Plants are the gift of nature. They provide us the oxygen we use for breathing.

(ii) Man and nature are complementary to each other. Man for ages has been using forests, minerals, and chemicals for his survival. Earth and nature are our lifelines. They help us directly or indirectly. Take for example the paper we print, our books and newspapers. They are products of trees. We get fruits, flowers, and fodder from nature. We get water and air free from nature. It is unfortunate that we are over using the limited resources and are also polluting them.

Nature is our Mother. We must not use up anything to the extent that it is not restored naturally. By cutting down trees or killing whales we are, in a way, depriving our children of their share. Let us give back to nature for the benefits we get from it.
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