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Read the description given alongside this sketch from a photograph in a newspaper (Times of India, 4 September 1999). Make up a story about what the monkey is thinking, or why it is looking into a mirror. Write a paragraph about it.
The fairest of them all
A monkey preens itself using a piece of mirror, in the Delhi ridge.
(To preen oneself' means to spend a lot of time making oneself look attractive, and then admiring one's appearance. The word is used in disapproval.)

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It was a sunny day. A monkey was walking in the garden. Fortunately, he came to the corner of the garden and found a piece of mirror. The monkey started looking in the mirror. First, he looked at his face in the mirror and was very happy. He thought that God has given him a human face. Again he looked his hands and fingers in the mirror. He was very proud because he realised that his hands were long and he could hold things easily. At last, he decided to look at his body in the mirror. This time he was not happy because it was full of hair. The monkey was sad and his hands started trembling. Unfortunately, the mirror fell down from his hand and broke into several pieces. When he tried to look his face in the pieces of mirror, he saw his cut faces. This time he became angry and left the place.
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