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How did the girl describe the narrator?
The Eyes Have It

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In Ruskin Bond's short story 'In the story "The Eyes Have It ”, the narrator and a girl were traveling and they were discussing the beauty of Mussoorie in October, without knowing that they both were completely blind.


The story of Ruskin Bond’s ” The Eyes Have It ” is used ironically. The narrator tried to create an impression on the girl. He didn’t want to discover his blindness near the girl. He thought that the girl can see. So, when the girl entered the train compartment, the narrator thought her to be normal. He wanted to conceal his own blindness in every possible way. He even praised the girl’s face and gave a description of the beauty of Mussoorie.

The discovery of her blindness comes as an ironic twist at the end of the story.  The narrator made the point that not only the blind fail to see, but people with good eyesight also fail to take in what is in front of them. It depends on how the eyes react in a situation.
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