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You are Samina Zaveri, Class X, Vadodara, Gujarat. You come across the following information on a local library’s notice board.

Create Your Own Board Game Competition!

Create an educational board game, and send it to us at Teen-Toggle

Games Pvt. Ltd, 307, Satija building, Colaba, Mumbai by July 2022. The top 10 winning board games will be featured on our international portal.

Attractive scholarships for the winners!

You wish to participate but require more information. Write a letter to Teen-Toggle Games Pvt.Ltd in about 120 words, enquiring about rules, scholarship details and deadlines. Also enquire about specifications for solo or group entries.

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Samina Zaveri
Vadodra, Gujarat

Date: 24 Feb 2022

The Director
Teen-Toggle Games Pvt Ltd
307, Satija Building
Colaba, Mumbai

Subject: 'Create Your Own Board Game Competition' enquiry

Dear Sir /Madam,

This is with reference to a Board Game competition notice on the local library notice board. I'm very interested in participating in the Boardgame competition but I need more information than what is provided in the notice. I visited your website also but could not find much information about the competition. Before I register for the competition, I'd like to learn all of the rules and regulations. It would be useful if you could tell me more about the scholarships that were awarded to the winners. Furthermore, I'm not sure if I'll be able to send group entries or if only solo entries will be accepted. I request that you specify the competition deadlines so that my entry arrives on time. I'm hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours Truly

Samina Zaveri

Class X
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