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What is the 10 fruit name in english?

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Here are 10 Fruits Name and Example Sentences;

1. Orange: The most indispensable fruit of the winter months is orange for me.

2. Apple: Apple is such a useful food that we can use it in almost every area.

For example; Apple is used in vinegar production and is a very useful food source for our health.

3. Peach: I can’t eat peach because of its cotton texture, so I always peel the skin before eating.

4. Watermelon: Watermelon is normally a round fruit, but in Japan, watermelons started to be produced as square.

5. Cucumber: I love eating cucumber, but I also use it to make my skin beautiful.

6. Pumpkin: A variety of decorative products are made from pumpkin at Halloween.

7. Pepper: My father collected the peppers he had grown in our garden in the village today, they were all very fresh and delicious.

8. Banana: Banana is known worldwide as a radioactive fruit.

9. Squash: I love squash food, but my father doesn’t like it at all.

10. Legumes: Legumes are the foods that help me to lose weight the most.
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