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What are the 10 water animals name?

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List of Water, Ocean and Sea Animals Name
Sea horse.
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Water Animals Name
Crab: Crab is the common name of the crustacean species that make up the Brachyura infra team from the Ten-legged team. They typically have a very short tail, and the abdomen is hidden under the thorax. They usually have a thick exoskeleton and are equipped with a pair of clamps.

Example: The crab I saw at sea quickly moved away from us.
Shrimp: Shrimp is a class of crustaceans that live in the European seas and the North American coast. It has a cylindrical body and long sensitivity. Its length is 5-6 cm. Its body is jointed. It swims back and forth by shaking its wide fin tail.

Example: The first shrimp I have ever seen impressed me.
Jellyfish: The jellyfish or medus is a sea creature that is freely floating and without a brain, in the Scyphozoa and Cubozoa classes.

Example: The most interesting aquatic animal jellyfish I’ve ever seen.

Water turtle: The water turtle is a turtle subspecies belonging to the emydidae family. Also known as aquatic turtle or Singapore turtle, this species and its subspecies have an amphibian life. The water turtle has spread all over the world as a pet.

Example: My uncle were feeding a water turtle at home.
Crocodile: A set of crocodiles, swamps in warm areas and reptiles that are covered with bony scales that live on the water’s edge. The Crocodilia team are large reptiles that appeared around 84 million years ago, in the late cretaceous period.

Example: The gigantic crocodile that appeared in the creek had frightened everyone.
Pelican: Pelican is the common name for the large water bird species that make up the monotypic pelican family and the Pelecanus genus. The most distinctive features of the large throat pouches, which are used to filter the long beaks, the water that they use to hunt and gather the prey they gather with their beaks before swallowing.

Example: The pelican that feeds its babies very well is a very smart animal.
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