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Who is Oscar Isaac son Mads Isaac?

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Oscar Isaac Hernandez Estrada is recognised for his role as Saint Joseph, husband of Mary in The Nativity Story in 2006. He is an American actor.

Oscar got married to Elvira Lind. Elvira is a Danish screenwriter and film director based in New York City. They met in 2012 and got married in February 2017. They gave birth to two sons.

Eugene Isaac
He is the firstborn of Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind. He was born in April 2017 after a few months after his parent’s marriage. He is 5 years old. He has a young brother called Mads Isaac.

Mads Isaac
He is the second son of Oscar Isaac. He is the younger brother of Eugene.  Oscar Isaac and his wife Elvira Lind gave birth to him in October 2019. He will be 3 years old this year.
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