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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
The children want me to _____ them a story now.

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Correct option is C)
The given sentence indicates that the children want the subject to 'narrate' a story. Thus, the answer must mean 'narrate'.
Option A is incorrect. 'say' means 'utter words' or 'declare'. It does not specifically mean 'narrate' and thus, it does not have the required meaning.
Option B is incorrect. 'talk' means 'to speak' or 'express in words'. It does not mean 'narrate'. Thus, it is incorrect.
Option C is correct. 'tell' in this context means 'narrate'. Thus, it has the required meaning and is the correct answer.
Option D is incorrect. 'speak means 'talk' or 'express in words' and does  not specifically mean 'narrate'. Thus, it does not have the required meaning.
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